Small Talk with Rein Maychaelson

Text: Robertus Alexander

Rein is wearing EYELET T-Shirt.


We had a small talk with film director Rein Maychaelson about 2 or 3 things he knows about personal and film-making.
Hi, Rein! What’s your favorite project so far?
Well, of course, the one that I’m working right now, but Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens is always a memorable one because working with many talented people is always exciting and the creative process is also interesting because I need to be Ali and capture his perspective.
How would you describe your personal style in fashion?
Basic, minimalist, but also adaptive. I don’t know, I just love wearing loose shirts and accessories.
What are the challenges of being a film director?
To find your own voice and keep your voice original and personal to yourself.





Best films ever?
Lost in Translation by Sofia Coppola.
Kore-eda’s movies: Shoplifters; Like Father, Like Son; Our Little Sister.
Being John Malkovich by Spike Jonze.


Movie theater or streaming?
Movie theater, no doubt.


Bracelets or rings?
I think, rings.

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